Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Number 1- If you absolutely need a gift before Christmas morning, do not order it online.

The postal and deliveries services are working overtime with no breaks and they are still backed up. I haven’t received items I ordered in November. I’m not upset, I know they are seeing unprecedented amounts of online shopping this year. So save yourself the stress and just don’t do it or, if you do, print a picture of the item now and wrap it in a box. Back up for if/when it doesn’t arrive on time because you didn’t take my advice.

Number 2- Gift Cards!!! No one likes to give but everyone loves to get them. Strange how that works but it’s true. Think about it, especially if you have kids. Of course a kid would much rather open a Costco stack of 100 cars in a tube but think of the parents and just don’t do it.

Gift cards are also great for all those teachers, co workers, friends and hard to shop for family members. Give the gift of great food. Open Table is making it super easy to purchase gift certificates at most local restaurants, just search by neighborhood.

Number 3- Go to a store. If you are able and it is safe, put on your mask and visit a local store. There are still so many great deals and gifts out there to be had, you just might have to actually go to a store to find it.

I also found this great website called Made In Baltimore. It’s a website dedicated to promoting locally made and manufactured products in Baltimore. Search ‘Shop Local’ to see if there is a site like this for your hometown.

Number 4- Nothing says “I love you” or “I appreciate you” more than the gift of wine, beer or their favorite liquor, especially in 2020. If you aren’t a wine snob, This Nighthawk Gold Bota Box Chardonnay is a household favorite here and we recently discovered this Ole Smokey Tennessee Shine Nog.

Not a “drinker” than give the equally as important gift of 2020, caffeine. I’m a coffee girl who recently switched from my long loved Keurig to a French Press because I needed more than a 10 ounce pour. Currently, I am enjoying the Vita Coffee line of ground coffee because I will take all the help I can get, wherever I can get it.

Number 5- Give the gift of yourself. No, get your head out of the gutter, I didn’t mean that way. But if you are able, if you can do it safely, give the gift of your presence. So many of us are working, living and just everything from home these days. I’m not suggesting a large indoor gathering with all your closets friends and acquaintances. I’m suggesting that if you haven’t seen the face of someone you love, away from a screen, maybe surprise them with a popup outside their window or door.

Grandparents receive a visit from their grandchildren in Kfar Yona on April 21, 2020. Photo by Chen Leopold/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** סבא סבתא ביקור נכדים קורונה וירוס מרחק

Above all else, remember that it’s not about the gift but you reason for giving. We don’t buy gifts for people we don’t care about or want to be happy. We buy gifts for people we love and want to see smile. Make someone smile and you’ve already given them a gift.

Happy Holidays Everyone and Stay Safe!

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