I have a Confession to Make…

I don’t love Christmas. I know, I know but before you throw me on a stake, let me explain. I love the idea of Christmas. I love seeing all the houses decorated with lights, wreaths, candles and displays. I love all the red ribbons and bows, and gift boxes wrapped to perfection. I love the smell of live Christmas trees covered in ornaments and little, white lights, topped with an angel or star and surrounded by a train. Stockings hung under a garland topped mantel. Almonds on Sand Tarts and Whiskey in Eggnog, Christmas music that fills my house and hot showers, these are a few of my favorite things.

I just don’t love having to do it all.

Bringing all the boxes down from the attic. Dragging the kids to the very back lot at the tree farm to find your tree which, without fail, no matter how perfect it looked at the farm, will have a large gapping hole in it when you bring it home. Untangling the thousands of lights you saved from last year only to discover maybe of quarter of them still work. Putting up ornaments with the kids one day then rearranging all of them all over again the next. Finding the time to wrap all those gifts you forgot you even bought and wonder over and over why in the world you did. Remembering to move AND write a note from that ever-loving Elf you made one of the worst decisions ever by bringing into your house. Keeping your house clean between the endless fall of pine needles and dog hair. Building the perfect Christmas dinner that will please everyone and yet still no one at the same time. Good times, it’s all good times I tell you.

If it wasn’t for my husband and children, I probably wouldn’t have a single light up outside and a fake, pre-decorated tree in my house. I don’t think I am Mrs. Bah-Humbug, no matter what my husband says, I just know what goes up must also come down.

Not this year though… this year I couldn’t wait to start getting in the Christmas spirit. Watching at least one holiday movie a night. Listening to the Holiday Party station on Amazon Music during the day. I even volunteered to string the lights on the thickest tree we have ever had, at least 15 strands, five extension cords, three plus hours and then another one when two of the strands shorted out and had to be untangled, taken off and new ones restrung. It was fun, no really it was greattttt.

Anyway, my point, I think I have one, is that this year I finally understand the meaning of it all. It’s not about how much is under your tree, how nice your decorations are or if your meal is perfect, it’s the act of doing it all. The experience you are creating for yourself, your kids, your family and friends. This year my “give a F’s” are finally busted. I’m letting go of my controlling ways (if only slightly, long held habits are hard to break completely) and enjoying every moment I can. I mean, I am still going to vacuum and clean like crazy, my OCD just can’t have it any other way, but if someone else wants to bring lobster tails for Christmas dinner and get that trampoline the kids have been asking for by all means, please go right ahead and thank you!!! I don’t have to do everything myself to have the perfect holiday. The perfect Christmas is the one you take the time to enjoy with everyone around you… and has Eggnog, don’t forget the Eggnog!

Have a very Merry Christmas, all the other holidays you celebrate, and the Happiest New Year!!! No really this New Year better be the happiest darn New Year EVER!!!

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