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Every Wednesday ZYIA introduces several brand new items to their inventory. If you are looking for the latest and greats, this is the place to find it!

Bonus Launch Week of 12-16-2020

Red Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24″

You’ll shine for all the right reasons in these slinky red metallic leggings from our ever-popular Light n Tight line. We took everything you already love about the feel and performance of this legging and added a retina-searing, red metallic sheen so stylish, we won’t be surprised when we see them on the dance floor and at every holiday.

  • Compressive fabric offers muscle support during long workouts (or nights out).
  • Fit is true-to-size but intentionally very compressive.
  • Fabric: 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex.

Black Classic Infinity Scarf

We love wardrobe pieces that we can wear in more than one way, so we’re in quite a twist over this new infinity scarf. With at least ten ways to wear it (scarf, shawl, cowl, wrap, gaiter, need we go on?) there’s almost no limit to the utility of this scarf. Eleven discrete snaps let you create everything from a shrug to a scarf. You can even use it to make a hair wrap or hat because it’s so lightweight and stretchy.

  • Eleven concealed snaps let you customize your configuration.
  • One size.
  • Fabric: 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex

Storm Sherpa Block Zipper Jacket

Like the Nepali mountaineering experts that inspired it, this Sherpa jacket will guide you safely—and cozily—through to spring. Snuggle down into its fluffy softness and give no more thought to Nor’easters, groundhogs, or ice storms. You’ll be surrounded by fluffy softness, where winter cannot touch you.

  • Soft enough to wear against the skin, but cut loose for layering.
  • Fits true-to-size, relaxed.
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester.

Cream Fleece 1/4 Zip Sweater

Lightweight, cuddly-soft, and born to layer, this neutral pullover is headed straight to the front of your closet rotation. For breathable insulation that doesn’t weigh you down, there’s no better option than quick-drying, low pile fleece. But we designed this top to be a perfect inner, middle, or outer layer. It’s soft enough to wear next to your skin, but its low bulk and relaxed cuffs ensure it always plays well with other layers.

  • Contrasting ¼ length zipper with plastic-capped pull.
  • Fits true-to-size.
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester.

Men’s Teal Camo Adventure Split T

Adventure and opportunity are around every corner if you’re always ready to hustle for them. This soft and breathable top is prepared for anything because we designed it to work harder at ventilation and to have four-way ease in every inch.

Also available in Teal Camo Block, Red and Red Block

  • Split design with subtle camo pattern embedded in the perforations.
  • Fits true-to-size.
  • Fabric: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Boy’s Performance Socks

Black, Gray and White

Training gains always build on a solid foundation. And what could be more foundational than having well-fitted, cushioned, high-performance socks? Padded where you need it, and thinner where you don’t, these socks set a standard that “classic” cotton athletic socks can never match. Because we mill them from a technical fabric blend, they resist staining, shrinking, pilling, fading, and—yes, even growing—better than the socks dear old dad grew up wearing. If anything, that’s the story he should be telling you—not that yarn about walking to school uphill both ways.

  • Variable thickness for cushioning at the soles, toes, and heels.
  • Sweat-wicking performance.
  • Fabric: 43% Nylon, 29% Polyester, 28% Spandex.
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