Happy New Year or Is it…

Today is the first New Release Day of the New Year for my side hustle, and it got me thinking about the idea of New, as in starting over. I don’t know who else needs a redo but I could really use a fresh start in this New Year. Hindsight is FINALLY 2020.

In the last few days of 2020, I walked out of the pharmacy to see my car drifting across the parking lot because I left it in Neutral, not Park, I hit the shopping cart storage barrier in the very same parking lot, and I bought a $15 birthday balloon for my son that deflated before his actual birthday… But, to be honest, 2021 isn’t starting off all that much better either. I’m currently not on very good speaking terms with two people who mean the most and very, very much to me… and I’m not exactly sure why.

So this New Release day could not come at a better time for me. I’m releasing it all. I’m letting go of everything that has been getting in the way of being happy. I’m letting go of having to be right about everything because, even though I will swear I am, I am indeed not always right. (Could someone check on my husband, he may have fainted while reading that last line.) I’m letting go of my negative attitude because, even though I love to drown in my own misery that is “virtual learning,” I know my son is going to be ok and it is not ALL bad. (As I am writing this, he is dancing around the room virtually with the rest of his house members from school because they are in first place this month and I am able to be here to witness it.)

2021 may not be best year ever, than again, maybe it will be. Who really knows what this year is going to hold for any of us. The only thing we can control is how we react to it. Choose your reactions wisely.

Sorry if this post is deeper than my usual “please don’t buy my kids a tower of 100 cars” kind of post. I promise next time I will get back to my sarcastic and trying to be funny ways. Until then, have a great week, let go of anything that you don’t really need and, if your year is starting as wonderfully as mine (see already starting with sarcasm), you have my permission to start it over.

Let today, January 6, 2021 be your Happy New Year!

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