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Super Mom on the Move…

Or every woman out there doing her thing everyday to keep the world spinning on it’s axis while looking and feeling fabulous.

#1 The Bra- Every woman’s day hinges on the comfort and effectives of their bra and, ladies, underwire is so OVER-RATED. Maybe this borders on TMI but, I haven’t worn underwire in almost a year and I have no plans of ever going back. Sports bras are not just for sports, especially when they are ZYIA sports bra. These bras are as beautiful as they are COMFORTABLE. The Classic Mesh Bra comes in Red, Black, Gray and White, and it’s medium impact support will have you feeling supported, not suffocated. The Brilliant bras come in several styles and patterns, this Leopard Print is one of our most popular with the Super Moms. Pro Tip: It also makes an adorable swim top. Size up one for the most comfortable fit.

#2 The Top- With these gorgeous bras, you are not going to want to cover them all up. The perfect top to show off your beautiful bra back is this Split Back Long Sleeve T. It comes in Ash and Charcoal gray, you can tie it in the back or leave it open for more of a view. If Tanks are more your style, this Havana is a great choice to show off that bra while still giving you just the right mount of coverage. The Havana tank comes in SEVERAL colors and styles: Black, White, Red, Coral, Caribbean Blue, Lilac, Navy, Spruce, Wine, Navy, Steel and Black & White Camo.

#3 The Bottoms- Need the best wear anywhere, slimming, light weight, goes with everything leggings… I found them for you. These Black Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24″ leggings will have getting rid of all your other black pants and jeans. These are so popular they are often very hard to keep in stock. If you see them in your size, or you can even size up one, grab them. You can thank me latter. Prefer a jogger to a legging than these Peak Zipper Joggers are just for you. They come in three lengths short, regular and tall, as well as a few different colors: Black, Navy and Dark Gray.

#4- Accessories- After the bra, shoes are the second most important thing a woman can put on everyday. Typically you will find me in flip flops or running shoes but, when I need to step things up a notch while not giving up my comfort, I put on a pair of Linea Paolo Wedges. I have never been a big fan of heeled sneakers but I found these while internet shopping with my four year old and she said I needed to get them, and they were on sale, and she was right because I do love them! Super Mom also needs a great bag while she is ruling the day. Almost every year I ask for a new Tory Burch handbag. I love her styles so much but this one is my favorite: The Ella Tote. Check the sale section on the website though, you can usually find a great purse at a great price there. Lastly, we need a really good coffee cup big enough to keep us charged up and insulated enough to keep it hot all day. For this I go back to my favorite beverage container company, Simple Modern, with this 28 oz Classic Tumbler with a flip lid. My favorite thing about this cup is the lid. It screws in for a secure fit and the drink cap flips closed making it virtually impossible to spill all over yourself in the car… as long as both are closed.

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